Q & A with Coach Jamie

​What drove you to begin teaching?

​Golf has been a constant source of joy, elation, frustration, and growth in my life and given me life lessons I never expected. 

Previously, I thrived on the competition of the game but more recently I’m enjoying the companionship of playing with friends.  And that is the beauty of this game, it evolves right along with us. 

I want to introduce others to the game and be there for them as they go through their own journey with golf.

Why did you form Giggling Goose Golf Instruction? 

​Golf is intimidating and is not an easy sport to get into unless you have someone to take you under their wing.  I formed Giggling Goose Golf so that players have an ambassador to the game of golf and a place where you can come and feel comfortable learning, asking questions, making mistakes, and growing in your golf skills and knowledge of the game. 

If you walk away from your lesson with new knowledge and more confidence in yourself and your abilities then I have succeeded in my role.

How are you different from other golf instructors?

​I can't speak for other instructors but what I can promise you is that you are my top priority and my focus is solely on helping you become the best version of yourself through the game of golf.  Golf is such a humbling sport and every player out there will tell you "they've been there".  

My style of teaching is informal yet goal orientated.  I'm here to help you define and accomplish your goals so that your game improves on your terms. 

I've been told I am very approachable and adaptable in my coaching.  That I am good at communicating in a way that the student understands.  You'll hear me say often; "Communication is not about what I say, it's about what you hear."  

So, whether your motivation is to pass the time, to play in that company outing, to improve your game, or to reconnect with friends or a spouse, I want to be there for you.  To guide you in defining your goals and achieving them.

Should I take a private lesson or class?

This depends entirely on your comfort level and what you want to achieve or gain from the lesson.  

The advantage of taking a class is that the content is spread over several weeks, so the pace is a little slower and you have time to practice between sessions.  Also, the classes are group-based lessons, so you get the opportunity to learn along side others who are at the same level and also learn from watching others.  I highly recommend classes for newer players as there can be a lot to learn when starting the game of golf and the shots and movements often times are not intuitive or natural for many players.  It may seem intimidating signing up for a class because you won't know the other players or may feel like you aren't good enough to join a class...but rest assured you are not the only one that feels this way.   I work hard to create an fun and informal learning environment.  We do some partner-based drills and games to keep the pressure off and have some fun.    

Individual private lessons are great for players who prefer not to learn in a group setting or who are looking to achieve specific goals at a faster pace.   Each lesson will have a primary focus and will progress at the player's pace.  Typically, the more practice and playing the player does between lessons, the faster the player will see results.  I recommend practicing twice and playing at least 9 holes once or twice between lessons to help solidify the concepts we work on during the lessons.

How should I prepare for my lesson?

I would say the best things you can do to prepare for a lesson are first and foremost to come with an open mind and positive attitude.  I may teach things differently than you've previously learned and I may present out of the box ways to get you to achieve the desired movement.  

Second, take a few moments prior to the lesson to think about your game and identify some specific goals you would like to achieve.  For example, instead of saying "I want to be a better putter" try out "I want to play a round with two or less 3-putts".  Take that extra step to dig a little deeper and, in this example, ask yourself what it means to be a better putter.  

Lastly, to help set expectations, think about how much effort (i.e. practice) you are willing to put into achieving your goal(s).  Just as Rome was not built in a day, improvements in your golf game are not always instantaneous.  While some corrections may be quick and have a big impact (we all love these moments!), more often it takes time to retrain your mind and body before seeing the improvement.  But stick with it and you will see your game improve. 

What players do you most enjoy teaching?

I love teaching anyone who appreciates the game, no matter what the age, level, skillset, etc.  The ability to see improvements and celebrate successes with my players is the best part of my day.  

In my experience, players, women especially, face challenges and barriers to entering the game of golf.  What helps overcome those barriers is to have an ambassador, be it a friend, a spouse, or teaching pro, who introduces you to the game, teaches you the basics and etiquette, and is there to lean on until you are ready to play on your own.  I’ve enjoyed helping others overcome those barriers by being their ambassador.

How to get in touch

Email: Jamie@GigglingGooseGolf.com

Phone: ‪(810) 522-8262‬ (Call or Text)

LPGA Teaching Professional 

Apprentice Member

USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional 

United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF) 

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

TPI Level 1 Certified

US Kids Golf

Certified Coach -   Level 1

NCAA Collegiate Player 

4-year NCAA Division II Collegiate Player